“Way of the gun” – new single!!!

This post is really SPECIAL to me since it’s a new singel but also a song that combines few riff ideas I had in my mind for a long time. Main chorus riff was a fairly fresh idea however VERSE riff is something that I pulled up (musically) from different song once I realized how nice and edgy my friend’s Reggie Electric’s voice sounds in this tune. This is definitely genre area where Mr. Electric shines through.

Guitar Tones…

Not going to lie, we layered down quite few tracks of guitar using different amps/effects. After testing few combinations we decided to record main riff idea (edgy tones) using Soldano SLO with a combination of my old Yamaha MS511 guitar recording exactly two true stereo tracks.  We were able to crank the shit of out the amps thank to the courtesy of our good friend Aaron Macdonald (District IV studio) and their brilliant guitar cab idea. Guys built a coffin with few layers of plywood with high-en Royer mic to get the separation but also be able to crank any amp so you get very natural tube overdrive sounds. I also found out that the rockin’ speaker we recorded through belonged to Bob Rock in the 70’s!!!

We can talk for hours about the details however all it matters is a final songs and overall judgement. I am pretty happy and proud to show this piece of my work.

“Way of the gun” by Pockets of Society

Chemia EURO 2012 song

I have to say I was very privileged to play and meet with CHEMIA. Truly great musicians, songs but also awesome people to meet. CHEMIA recorded few tracks at the legendary WAREHOUSE studio owned by Brian Adams and from what I know they were very impressed laying down tracks at this beautiful facility with first league producers, engineers including Marc LaFrance (DELINQUENT RECORDS).

Chemia "Jedyne czego chce"
Chemia "Jedyne czego chce"

CHEMIA has recorded few tracks for their EU/North America album but also wrote, produced and pressed a single for the upcoming EURO 2012 hit contest. I have personally went through few of the competition tracks and not trying to be cheesy but in my opinion “Jedyne czego chce” kicks ass. You can check and ideally vote HERE (turn on Google translator as it’s all in Polish).


Chemia at the Roxy, Vancouver BC
Chemia at the Roxy, Vancouver BC


I hope one day we’ll meet again and perhaps play more shows with my friends from CHEMIA. All the best with the “winning” Euro contest.

Aside from the trip we gotta chance to do some bar whopping ;) including Vancouver’s best knows house of live music – The Roxy with brilliant MR. Troy Reid (Troys’r’us).

CHEMIA in Vancouver

April 8 show is confirmed. My homeland’s band CHEMIA is going to visit Vancouver in the beginning of April to record some tracks at the Warehouse – Bryan Adam’s studio located in the center of beautiful Gastown. With that trip guys are going to play 2 local shows including April 8, 2012 at the RED ROOM and the day after at the legendary ROXY.

Other exciting news is that April 8 I will open up the concert with my pending recording project – Pockets of Society. I am very excited to see how people will react to POS vibe and hopefully record some good times. Stating album as ‘pending’ we’re after 2 weekends of heavy work at Vogville (Bass & Drums) and District 4 (Guitars). So far so good, but let’s wait until it’s finished!

Pockets of Society “Magic Trip” at Vogville

After jamming over 2 years with good friends of mine but also very good musicians we finally made a move (thanks Mike!) and started tracking some of our songs as Pockets of Society (POS). Last weekend at Vogville Studio went very well tracking 15 bass & drums songs! We are very happy with the sound we got at Vogville running through SSL everything sounds great. Very wide frequency of bass depending on the effect used but in general very natural, analog sounding effects. Drums sound really punchy but also airy at times thank to sound chambers and additional microphones in the outside rooms. Rhythm section sits definitely very nice in the mix blending both modern & vintage tones.

This weekend Reggie and I gonna track some guitar which we definitely look forward to.  I know we’re gonna spend time making sure we get exact tones we want but also sitting nice in the mix and giving characteristics of the song. I am super excited to track some acoustics and recording some solos through my cranked up ARD head. Woohoo!

Below you’ll find one of the tracks we’re gonna record. I feel very attached with it since it was my main writing, I’ve always wanted to go record it very “hypnotic” way. Not the best sound quality but here it is “Magic Trip” by Pockets of Society

Black Powder Toys in Poland

What a spectacular beginning of the new 2012 year I had. Few Black Powder Toys gigs in my home land (including legendary Great Christmas Charity (Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy – WOSP) where we got to share the main stage from over 1700 bands which signed up to play. Awesome times!

Black Powder Toys also got to play in beautiful Krakow at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe in the center of the old town. Trip, shows, audience will definitely stay a long time in my memory and hopefully we get invited to come back and play more shows in Poland. BPT, including myself really count on it! :-).

XX Great Christmas Charity Grand Finale Concert, Warsaw – Jan 8 2012

I cannot show full show to the worldwide audience due to Polish TV licensing but below you can stream two of our songs from the Grand Finale concert including: “Meltdown” & “Push Pull” (being also played at the Station 3 of Polish National Radio Station). Hope you enjoy:

XX Grand Finale of Great Christmas Charity

Grand Finale Stage - Warsaw, Poland

Black Powder Toys & XX Grand Finale of Great Christmas Charity

2012 and here we go again! Definitely looking forward to it, especially few days away before flying to my homeland (Poland) and play some music! My Black Powder Toys bandwas officially invited by Jurek Owsiak (organizator of Great Christmas Charity and Woodstock – biggest open air festival in the World) to play XX Grand finale of Great Christmas Charity on main Warsaw stage Jan 8, 2012 (Palac Kultury i nauki). We will perform 25 min set (planned 15:25) sharing the stage with some of the bands I grew up on – Dzem, Elektryczne Gitary. Definitely exciting trip, but also one of the last minute things, but hey who wouldn’t take a chance to play in front of 100 000 people!!!

We are getting ready to perform the best of us but also looking forward to meet some cool people, including Jurek Owsiak. This guy is a true inspiration not only for musicians but any human being, helping kids, families, accident victims. For more information about this event visit WOSP website or Black Powder Toys. We are thrilled Black Powder Toys can be a part of XX-th Grand Finale of Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy!!!

Guitar solo contest with Bayside

Indaba Music

I don’t think I have mentioned yet but I am a big fan and user of Indaba Music. There’s no other website like this for musician offering features like: online jams, contests, very cool system of track commenting and many, many more. It has even built in online recording platform, so you should definitely check it out! Today, I’d like to share one of the recent contest I will be entering and hopefully coming up with some tracks this weekend!


Indaba guitar solo contest with Bayside

This is another guitar solo contest (Staind didn’t go so well ;)) with Bayside. To be honest, I’ve never heard of these guys before but listening to the stem tracks sounds like they like melodies. So do I. To read more or enter the contest simply visit: www.indabamusic.com and good luck!

My solo

Didn’t get enough to get it done but no excuses! Special thanks to Derek Simpson and here it is:


“Listen to your heart”…

Today I wanted to bring to attention awesome Swedish band to the table which has I believe second (after Abba) hits on their record. Obviously I’m talking about Roxette. Who doesn’t know this wicked pop band from the 80’s – 90’s should definitely look more into it. Very catchy melodies, pop-rock guitar riffs combined with phenomenal vocal of Marie Fredriksson.

“Listen to your heart” – Roxette

Today, I’d like to introduce my little instrumental version of ‘Listen to your heart” as I always wanted to cover this song (hasn’t happened till today). Here’s my instrumental version of “Listen to your heart”, hope you like it:


Sep 17 @ Terry Fox Theatre concert

Black Powder Toys @ Terry Fox Theatre
Black Powder Toys @ Terry Fox Theatre

I have to admit that September 17, 2011 show will always stay in my memory as there were few reasons for that. First of all we got a chance to open up a big rock band with history like LOMBARD, second play it at an awesome Terry Fox Theatre venue and 3rd of all: first time playing in front of mostly Polish audience!

I was really surprised how well crowd responded to our Black Powder Toys set, promoting “Made in China” album. Hopefully this is the first big step for us to fly to Poland next year and play in front of my homeland crowd! Here’s a video cover from this show – Matchbox Twenty ” Bright Lights”:

Polskie Radio 3-ka

Black Powder Toys Push Pull on Polskie Radio #3

Last week was full of good music news for me and other band members of Black Powder Toys. Thank to Piotr Baron from National Polish Radio Station 3 we are being voted to get to the official TOP LIST!!! So far we’ve made it to the NEWS section after one week being played 3 times. Hopefully will get enough votes to move on but in any case we are thrilled to get an exposure on Station 3 which is National Legend Radio Station.

Here’s a preview of “Push Pull”:
Push Pull by blackpowdertoys


Radio Station #3 (Trojka) News Section with Black Powder Toys "Push Pull"
Radio Station #3 (Trojka) News Section with Black Powder Toys "Push Pull"

For all those who want to help us out feel free  to re-share this article, FB on Black Powder Toys official website or VOTE (warning: minimum Polish required): VOTE NOW!!! If you want to hear us live playing in on the radio stay tuned with RadioIks, Sep 17, 2011, 10:00-1200am (Pacific Time) or 19:00-21:00 in Poland.