Roger Mayer Octavia

Roger Mayer Octavia
Roger Mayer Octavia

Roger Mayer Octavia is a very simple technological construction, what we have are few functional blocks including: filter, generator and frequency doubler. Despite its simplicity Octavia’s scheme it’s not easy to tune in order to get same as Roger Mayer’s version satisfying sound. I know of few guys who were trying to build this fairly simple construction themselves however desired effect (too short sustain, too long attack) was far from original.

How does Roger Mayer’s Octavia sound?

You can get many different sounds of it depending on the DRIVE position and obviously guitar/amp you use. Setting DRIVE from minimum to 25% of the partition we’re getting effect similar to “Ring Modulator”. Attack is very smooth, you can hear “ring harmonics” which sound especially when playing in the higher fret positions. This sound is great for slow, melodic solos with long, sustained notes which seem to transform to ‘harmonics’ sound.

By turning up DRIVE knob sustain is much longer, effect gets very responsible to attack and articulation. With different pick attack you can achieve many different sounds from CLEAN (light pick attack) ‘synthetic’ octave sound to full few harmonics sound.

DRIVE MAX. Here the sound of octave is very dominant, variety of harmonics dissappear, sound gets very sharp and aggressive, excellent for ringing single or double notes, where you can get fantastic effect of layering different frequencies. 


Roger Mayer Octavia is a real analog pearl with very unique, harmonically combined sound. I’d suggest to use this effect in combination with Distortion plugged right in front of Octavia – “Purple Haze” solo – Jimi Hendrix. With Octavia you can create many sounds, I don’t think anybody will find this effect overwhelming or boring, as it can be applied to many different styles depending on the setup.  Octavia comes in two different versions: ROCKET or VISION (3 outputs, adapter plugin and additional TONE knob). I highly recommend to take a look at Octavia.

Cool Yotube Video with Octavia Sample: