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K&K Western Standard Acoustic Guitar Pickup Review

K&K Acoustic Guitar Pickup Review

Today post about something I should have done with my Taylor DN3 long time ago: install an acoustic guitar pickup as I always loved beautiful, rich acoustic tone for live gigs. My first guess (without asking anyone) was to find something portable that I can use live then take it away and have the same acoustic guitar without a need of cutting it.The choice was Dean Markley Pro Mag SC-1. Quickly realized this is something not for me:

Signal is very weak, thin and too transformed sound plus very noisy single coil, with tons of annoying feedback. My advice is don’t do what I did and safe yourself $70.

Anyways…, my next step was to actually find someone who knows some stuff about acoustic pickups: installation, sound, options, etc. and pick the best system. I also did my research going to some acoustic gigs, open mics to check what other players use and how it sounds. Most people complained that their acousticdoesn’t sound “acoustic” when they are plugged in. One of the guys I thought had a great sound, sent me tomyusual music store (L&M) and after talking to the guy for about 10 minutes his #1 choice was K&K (I’ve never heard of this brand before). He also help me to pick Ultra Pure Western Standard pickup and after a week of waiting I got my acoustic guitar back with apparently great sounding system, woohoo!

I came back home and did my sound test review: K&K Ultra Pure Western Standard vs Apex 180 Condenser Pencil Mic, and here’s my video: