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How to make good quality audio youtube videos

By far Youtube is probably my #1 visited website where I spend hours browsing: concerts, gear review, ‘how to’, music or informational videos. Since I’m musician I can live with poor quality videos, however audio should always sound good in order to pass the message from my system to all the youtube viewers. I have to admit that it took me some time to figure out the best way of recording and transferring my system sound and implement that with iSight video, but finally I’m able to do that fairly fast


The gear I use to create a good video consist of: Apple PowerBook (can be just simple MAC), Digidesign Mbox2 (external sound card) Apple Logic Pro & iMovie software and here’s the process of creation:

  1. Open up iMovie & Logic – if you’re on PC any audio/video software should be able to do the same thing
  2. Record your video – record your video using either built in camera or any external camera – HIT RECORD. Once recorded you can make some edits/adjustments straight from iMovie.
  3. Record your AUDIO track – while your camera is recording your image, simultaneously record your AUDIO at the same time. After you’re done click STOP in both VIDEO & AUDIO software
  4. Apply Audio Effects – the beauty of this way recording is that you can use virtual instruments/effects at any time. You can add modulation, distortion or any other effects to your track to make sure it sounds real and ambient. 
  5. Bounce your track - Once you’re happy with the final sound bounce the track(s) as mp3 and add it to iTunes library. 
    iTunes >> File >> Add it to library >> choose your file
  6. Movie Sync – the last process is to go back to iMovie software create ‘New Project': iMovie >> File >> New Project and drag our previously recorded video to New Project Window. All we have left to do is to synchronize our audio track with movie. Simply click “Show or Hide Music and sound effects browser” 


Show or Hide Music and sound effects browser
Show or Hide Music and sound effects browser

    >> find your track and DRAG it to the Project Window

select and drag previously recorded audio to project window
select and drag previously recorded audio to project window

>> Drag & Align Audio file with Video


Align/synchronize audio & video tracks
Align/synchronize audio & video tracks

Save it and all done! That was easy wasn’t it? From iMovie you can save completed project on your computer or post it straight to youtube by:

iMovie >> Share (choose your option)

I hope my tutorial helps some of you creating better quality audio videos, here’s my first video: