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Virtual Amp Simulators

I have to admit, we live in awesome times for creative individuals. All the gear is easy to access, however most importantly there’s a lot of free software that’s changed how recording looks these days. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get great sound quality straight from your computer without breaking a bank. As from guitarist point I’d like to walk you through 3 of interesting alternatives I found when it comes to Virtual Amp Simulator software.

Amplitube 3 by IK Multimedia

#1 on my list Amplitube 3 by IK Multimedia. I’ve used all previous versions (1 and 2) and have to say 3 takes the sound to the totally new level, it just blows my mind. The amount of available amps, effects, mics, cabs gives you full flexibility shaping your sound. What’s cool about Amplitube 3 is that you can run two sets of gear simultaneously, blending both signals the way you want ┬áto. Did you know that Nickelback started using Amplitube on their albums?

Digidesign Eleven

#2 Digidesign Eleven comes in both as plug-in but also as a rack hardware where you can connect your guitar in combination with your real amp, using only Eleven’s effects or cab or set it so the signal goes through Amp Simulator, your pedals and virtual cab.

Logic 9 Amp Designer

I was actually looking to check what’s new with new Logic 9 and guys from Apple surprised me again. New Logic 9 Amp Designer has much smaller amount of amps than previous two competitors, but boy the sound awesome, especially clean, british, vintage sounds. Anything under Orange, Marshall, Vox, Fender tags sounds very real, good dynamics too.

Although I’m not the fan of today’s fast spinning, technical world I have to say that it applications like these give a chance to a lot of artist who can’t afford going to the studio and pay for every hour of your time. Based on the thought that as an artist you want to mainly focus on writing new material today’s technology makes me think we live in totally incredible times!