“Way of the gun” – new single!!!

This post is really SPECIAL to me since it’s a new singel but also a song that combines few riff ideas I had in my mind for a long time. Main chorus riff was a fairly fresh idea however VERSE riff is something that I pulled up (musically) from different song once I realized how nice and edgy my friend’s Reggie Electric’s voice sounds in this tune. This is definitely genre area where Mr. Electric shines through.

Guitar Tones…

Not going to lie, we layered down quite few tracks of guitar using different amps/effects. After testing few combinations we decided to record main riff idea (edgy tones) using Soldano SLO with a combination of my old Yamaha MS511 guitar recording exactly two true stereo tracks.  We were able to crank the shit of out the amps thank to the courtesy of our good friend Aaron Macdonald (District IV studio) and their brilliant guitar cab idea. Guys built a coffin with few layers of plywood with high-en Royer mic to get the separation but also be able to crank any amp so you get very natural tube overdrive sounds. I also found out that the rockin’ speaker we recorded through belonged to Bob Rock in the 70’s!!!

We can talk for hours about the details however all it matters is a final songs and overall judgement. I am pretty happy and proud to show this piece of my work.

“Way of the gun” by Pockets of Society